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The White Rabbit Motors Logo is published under a Creative Commons license and can be downloaded from Wikimedia Commons:

Anyone can use the logo for any purpose, in the motorcycle branch or somewhere else.
We believe the connection between rabbits and motorcycles is inevitable, and any use of the logo will have a synergy effect for all likeminded spirits.

Free use

This creative commons SA 4.0 license means you can use the logo ('work') freely, without asking me, or paying any fee, even if you make a business with it. You may also copy, change or adapt the logo ('derived work'), but then you have to publish it again under the same license (Sharealike).

Secondly the license requests Attribution, which means 'you must provide the name of the creator and attribution parties, a copyright notice, a license notice, a disclaimer notice, and a link to the material.'
Now for this logo, I reduce this request: It is always sufficient to publish a link to the above commons page, and only if you use the graphic, or your derived work, on the internet, in mass media or for serial production.

For any uses a notification is appreciated, while not required, by posting a link to your work, or a picture or report of it, on the discussion of the above commons page, or of my commons user page.


You may:

  • Print the logo on the back of your helmet
  • Produce ten thousand helmets in China and make a fortune of it (and have the link on your webshop)
  • Add a blue fish and use that as a logo for your sandwich chain (ditto)
  • Declare it as the flag of the "Real Symbionese Liberation Army" and start a revolution
    (but don't tell the police where you got the idea)
  • Build a sculpture based on the graphic without publishing a link (see the reduction above)

You may not:

  • Use the graphic on your website and claim that you invented it
  • Change the graphic and request a fee from a client who uses it for his golf bags


If in doubt about license application, or for comments, criticism or praise - contact me on my commons user page:

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